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Planet Cazmo 2 Coming Soon

February 12, 2017

Yes! Some of us are currently working on developing another Planet Cazmo. For more information and updates about the game, please follow @CazmoTweets on Twitter. Spread the World! It’s coming out 10th September 2017!! This is made by all the old ambassadors so get in touch.

yes i’ve done it once again…

July 30, 2010

hey cazmos ( for the last time)

since i quit cazmo (last week) i’ve dedicided to say bye one last time,i know its hard but i’ve got 2 many things going on with life,

so here it goes;

bye for the last time

iloveyou King Carza forever & always and day 😀 ❤ its 16:59 when i wrote this and ill officaly quit cazmo  at 17:30 in half an hour so be there for me to say my final words at the town sqaure ..<3

iloveyouu all loads<3 xoxoxoxo

Teen Choice Concert

July 30, 2010

hey guys, it’s cazmohelper today I saw something about teen choice concert, so .. IT WILL BE BIG! , and make sure you go there! here are the pictures


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New Sweet updates!

July 27, 2010

this is CazmoHelper posting, today i will show you some new sweet updates

when you log on a server it looks like this:

And also,ambassadors get their own hot ride!

Here’s how it looks

And also..the new ambassador gift!

Also, the ambassador badge has gone up.

Last but not least! Planetcazmo will make a game! here is the screenshot! it’s called NinjaTimePirates It’s an MMORPG Game so I will be glady to join it,though it’s not released yet.


Aren’t the updates sweet!?

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July 12, 2010

Hey cazmos its pongobillixoxo  here, i wanna say i have lost my password for planetcazmo and my computer is broken so yea :/ but when my computer is fixed ii’ll chang my password then i will beable to to come on cazmo and hang  and the other day my mom was complaining how much i’m on the laptop and i’m grounded! hahhaahah lol yeaa

#PongoooooooooBilliiiiiixoxoooooooooooooooooooooooooo xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

hello cazmos

May 19, 2010

heya cazmos its pongo here !! just wnna say sorry i havent updates since january so bye for now i will update the new updates on friday if i have time !! xx

Hey & Sorry Cazmos

April 27, 2010

Hey Cazmos,I’m sorry that haven’t posted in months or been on Cazmo in a while,but the reason for that is i’m busy,Hanging out with friends and livin’ my life.also my computer doesn’t work and i hardly ever get to go on the family laptop,so i’m takin this chance to say I MISS YOU guys and hopefully i’ll be back soon!

spread the world!


Ambassador Susperstar PongoBillixoxo